The Future

The castle is standing in the very heart of the town. It is an ideal place for various kinds of meetings. Our ambition is to offer it spaces to the public, to students and businesses for new use. We would also like use spaces that were previously hidden from the public and use them in new ways.

Zlín IS a town with its own history. The Zlín castle, the town’s Number 1 IS a witness of the past, it is and will be living in the present as well as in the future. The Zlín castle IS here also for YOU.

The Castle Restaurant

Since the 1960s, the Zlín castle was housing a restaurant, which used to be a synonym for good service, excellent food, and comfortable environment. The restaurant close down in 2010 and the people of Zlín have been missing its services since then – for many of them, the castle restaurant is connected with special moments of their lives: wedding receptions, engagements, celebrations of school-leaving exams, graduations, or wedding anniversaries.

We would like to bring gastronomy back to the Zlín castle in the form of a top-class restaurant.

Café and Confectioner’s

We are planning to set up a cafe in very special spaces. We can only say now that they had not been open to the public before and that we will try to link these spaces with the wonderful park that surrounds the castle. Our ambitions are not small - we want this place to become a popular destination of family walks of the inhabitants of Zlín.

A HUB for Business Meetings

A hub is a place things converge, intersect. It is a space for meetings, sharing, linking everyone and all – firms, students of the nearby university, and the public. The HUB will be a place for networking, a space where interesting projects will be born.

A Club

he castle was for some time called „The Club House“. This is yet another of possible activities, which we would like to revive and organize thematic meetings with interesting guests, discussions, corporate meetings, student days and nights. We would like to offer a club space for the confrontation of new ideas between companies and students and for the presentation of companies to students and to the public, as well as for the presentation of students to companies.

The Castle Park

If the castle comes alive again, so will the park. Together with the town of Zlín, we have a big task ahead of us – to turn the park into a safe, family-friendly, and comfortable place. A place where families will not be afraid to go for a Sunday picnic in the shade of the oldest trees growing on the territory of Zlín.