Zámek Zlín 1888 Stát. okres. archiv ve Zlíně-Klečůvka

Brief History of the Zlín Castle

the first written mention of a Gothic fortress in Zlín, later in the shape of the letter "U", with a defensive wall in its northern part, bordering on two lakes - water ditches

gradual rebuilding into a Renaissance chateau with an enclosed floor plan featuring a courtyard with arcades

the Haupt family become owners of the castle

1904 - 1905
fundamental reconstruction of the castle according to designs by the prominent Viennese architect Leopold Bauer

Zlín local council buys the castle from Baron Haupt and leases it to the Bata Support Fund Bata a year later, who set up the club house and cafe in the castle, opening it to the public of Zlín

the castle houses the offices and exhibition halls of the Museum of South East Moravia and of the Regional Gallery of Fine Arts. Since the 1960s (with a few breaks until 2009) the ground floor of the castle was housing a stylish castle restaurant.

both institutions (the Museum of South East Moravia and the Regional Gallery) leave the castle and move to the renovated buildings 14 and 15 located on the premises of the former Baťa Works

for a short period of time, the castle is the home to several art ensembles. The Zlínský zámek charitable fund is founded and starts its activities with a construction and historical survey

24.2 2014
after a short break, the castle begins to serve the general public with an opening of the Václav Chad Gallery

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Brief History of the Zlín Castle
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