Václav Chad Gallery

Václav Chad was a painter of remarkable talent with an extraordinary destiny, a man closely associated with Zlín. He was a man who paid the highest possible price for keeping his civic stance. The gallery bearing his name has the ambition to represent both a relationship to visual arts in Zlín, as well as a relationship to people capable of remarkable acts and sacrifices. Václav Chad represents an extraordinary and inspiring character for us. The Václav Chad Gallery aims to fill the gap between the Regional Art Gallery and private commercial gallery owners in Zlín.
Thanks to a carefully prepared plan of exhibitions, lovers of fine arts are getting a new opportunity to get acquainted also with other interesting artists. The new Zlín-based Václav Chad Gallery is for the first time opening to the public spaces which for decades served as museum offices and reading rooms. It is the first section of the castle, in which the rooms have undergone a more extensive renovation in order to better serve their new purpose. In this first place that gets in sharp contrast with the surrounding spaces we demonstrate the way in which we would like to renew the castle and gradually open it to the public. Carefully, unpretentiously, with respect to the past that is present in this historic building, and to the special people who have graced it with their presence.